2024 Florida Black Men’s Agenda


Empowering Black Men's Health, Wealth, and Wisdom

All About the Ballots staunchly affirm that every Black Man in Florida, regardless of the systemic barriers they face, deserves the chance to carve out a prosperous existence for themselves, their families and their futures. The liberty to pursue health, wealth, and wisdom, belongs to every Floridian, including Black Floridians. When Black Men unite, they are an undeniable force.

The mission of this campaign is clear: to empower Black Men in Florida to lead lives that are not just marked by survival, but by thriving. We must cultivate a community where health, wealth, and wisdom are not just aspirations, but tangible realities. Through education, mentorship, and collective action, we will break down barriers and create pathways to success.

Join us in Uplifting the Voices of Florida’s Black Men, by helping us get this survey into as many Florida Black Men’s hands (ages 16+) as possible!

In the face of adversity, we rise. In the pursuit of freedom and empowerment, we stand as one. Together, we are unstoppable.




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